Tracey’s Milwaukee Museum Wedding Beauty Journey

Tracey’s Milwaukee Museum Wedding Beauty Journey

Traveling Hair & Makeup Artist | Tracey’s Milwaukee Museum Wedding Beauty Journey

How we met

Tracey and I met while I was working at the MAC Store in the Galleria here in Houston. It was 2006 when the All-Star Game was in town. She’d come in town with a few of her friends for the weekend events. At the MAC Store, she was a client that was put in rotation and happened to be paired with me that day. As always, I ask clients to tell me what look they are going for and I try my best to make it happen. I can remember Tracey and I laughing and talking like we’d known each other for years. Since we only had 30 minutes to complete each client, I had to talk and work fast at the same time. Somehow I made a great impression on her because at the end of her session, Tracey got my number just in case she wanted to have her makeup done for another event that weekend.

2 years later I got a call from a phone number that looked like a social security number. Hesitantly, I answered and she started talking. It’s funny because I knew who she was when we started talking because I had recognized her voice from our session together. She mentioned that she was getting married and wanted to fly me to Milwaukee for the weekend to do her makeup as well as do makeup for her bridal party. I was shocked and completely honored and of course I agreed to go because she was such a fun client to work with.


The Wedding Day

Tracey was pretty chill on her wedding day. All of the bridesmaids were super cool and having fun at the hair salon where we did hair and makeup services. Tracey’s hairstylist did everyone’s hair while I did makeup. We were literally working back to back all day so we didn’t get to eat like we wanted and I remember a bridesmaid getting light headed and having to sit down at the wedding but other than that we all had a blast. The museum was decorated beautifully in damask prints in black and white with a splash of blue for accent. The food was great and the dj was on point so the dance floor was packed!

Her hair: I was not hired to do hair services but her hair was done in a beautiful vintage half up and half down style. The bridesmaids all wore either an updo or a down hairstyle.

Her makeup: For Tracey, I did a soft champagne eye look with hints of light blue around the inner corners of her eye bringing that blue down to they lower lash line like eyeliner. For foundation, I used airbrush makeup so that it would be light and airy on her flawless skin and last all night. At the time Tracey had extensions done so there was no strip lashes applied just mascara on her bottom lashes. I finished her look off with a soft nude lip. 

I did lightly airbrush her décolletage area and apply a little shimmer to the area for added glam.

For the wedding party: For the maid and matron of honors I gave them soft blue eye shadow look so that their look would be different from the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids all got a natural look with neutral tones with a pop of blue and a nude lip. 

The Details
Tracey and Miguel’s wedding at The Milwaukee Museum was absolutely gorgeous. The venue structure was like nothing I had ever seen before with it’s modern lines and details. The ceremony space had a gorgeous backdrop of downtown Milwaukee and it’s beautiful architecture and the reception engulfed us with dimmed uplighting and Tiffany blue decor. 

Venue: Milwaukee Art Museum
Brides Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Bridesmaids Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Photographer: Becca Dilley Photography

10 years strong!

Tracey and I still remain friends after all of these years. She and Miguel now have 3 beautiful daughters and will be celebrating their 11 year anniversary this October.

Cassandra’s Hill Country Wedding Beauty Journey

Cassandra’s Hill Country Wedding Beauty Journey

Balmorhea Events Wedding | Cassandra’s Hill Country Wedding Beauty Journey

How we met

Cassandra was referred to me by her wedding planner, Kayla who I’d worked with on a few occasions. Kayla and I have grown close over the years so I’m always happy to work with her on a project especially a wedding. I remember Cassandra being very nice and detailed when it came to her beauty planning. She knew what she wanted and how she wanted to look overall so she was able to convey her requests but ask questions in the process.


The Wedding Day

When we arrived Cassandra and her party were pulling up as well so we were able to get set up and start almost immediately. I remember they had a good music playlist going and everyone having sort of a chill-laxed attitude. There was no one stressing out or anything. Just everyone hanging out getting their hair and makeup done.

Her hair: Cassandra knew she wanted an updo and showed me inspirations pictures at her wedding consultation and trial. We chose to use the clip-in extensions she’d purchased to add the desired length and fullness for the updo. They matched perfectly and gave us just enough volume to enhance the look.

Her makeup: Not wanting to do anything dramatic, my bride chose a soft natural look with the exception of her eyes… she wanted them to pop. She ended up finding some really pretty lashes that she wanted to incorporate so I used them to add the wow factor.

For the wedding party: Cassandra’s bridesmaids decided on their own hair and makeup looks and team NGB executed them all. We loved working with such a diverse group because we don’t get to do it often. They were beautifully fun gals.

The Details

Venue: Balmorhea Weddings and Events
Wedding Planner: Kayla Taylor
Bridal Party Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Florist: Poison Ivy Floral Events
Photographer: J. W. Baugh Photography
Cake: Cakes by Gina
DJ: DJ Auditory
Videographer: Monroe Videography
Wedding Gown: Brickhouse Bridal

What did Cassandra have to say?

“When looking for wedding beauty I was overwhelmed with all the choices. After browsing vendors I soon realized that I needed a team that would be able to handle the diversity of my bridesmaids. Unfortunately…read more.

Krystal’s Wedding Beauty Journey

Krystal’s Wedding Beauty Journey

Destination Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist | Krystal’s Dallas, Texas Wedding Beauty Journey

How we met

Krystal and I have known each other for years. In fact, I knew her before she knew me because I knew her when she was in her mother’s womb. Her older sister is my best friend so I’ve known the Cox family for many years. Because Krystal and I had ties via our families, we often spent time together at each other’s house and celebrating events together. I’ve watched her grow throughout the years into a beautiful young woman who continues to create her own path in both her personal life and in business.

She booked me for beauty services for both her bridal shower and her wedding day giving me free rein to create the looks I felt were best for her events. That is the first time a bride has ever trusted me to do that in this capacity. 


The Wedding Day

Krystal was no different from any of my other brides on their wedding day wanting things to go as planned and as promised. Because she chose to do her bridal portraits the day of the wedding I ended up doing her hair and makeup first. She had no clue as to how I was going to do her hair and makeup and didn’t want to know until the day of the wedding. I had her send me inspiration photos prior to the day (as I do with all of my brides) so that we could be on the same page with the look and boy were we! Clearly her dress was going to be the focal point of the day so I didn’t want her beauty look to compete with it.

Her hair: I chose a classic chignon bun in the back with small detail. Because of the crown she wore, I had to create a more flat bang on one side and a sleek side on the other. She chose to have a sew-in with leave out so all I had to add was a stuffing piece to make sure her chignon didn’t flatten out.

Her makeup: Earlier in the year, Pat McGrath had released a number of eye shadow palettes. The one I purchased had a beautiful emerald green shimmery shadow in it that I knew would be perfect for Krystal’s look. I incorporated that shadow with smokey greens and black. Lashes were “wispies” and were doubled for additional fullness and fluff. For her foundation, we chose airbrush makeup that way it would hold up during her bridal portrait session (outside in 48 degree weather), the wedding and the reception. On her lips, I went with a nude tone, again I didn’t want to take away from the dress and the overall look.

For the wedding party: Krystal wanted her bridesmaids to have a sleek ponytail so Zaneta brought in hair extensions for each person and installed them. Karin, Krystal’s sister had a more full loose wavy ponytail since she was the Matron of Honor and would be dressed slightly different as well. Since the bridesmaids were wearing all white we could choose any color palette we wanted but chose a classic look with Mia and I using Neutral tones and shimmer shades. Lashes were applied and fluffed, finishing things off with a neutral lip.

The Details
Krystal and Damon’s wedding at The Castle at Rockwall was like none that I had experienced before. The venue alone with unique and beautiful.

Venue: The Castle at Rockwall
Wedding Planner: Inspired by Faith Weddings & Events
Brides Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Bridesmaids Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Bridesmaids Hair: Zaneta Bur
Flowers: Kate Foley Designs
Photographer: Teshorn Jackson Photography
Cake: Renaissance Cake Company
Videographer: Harmland Weddings
DJ: Go DJ Rob
Wedding Gown: Ese’ Azenabor Atelier

What did Krystal Say?

“There are soooo much that I can say and not enough words to express how AMAZING Nyoka Gregory Beauty is! I was one of her brides that lives in Dallas and when I tell you she never skipped a beat! She was available every time I called or texted. She was so professional. When I needed her for my engagement photos she was there and on time! I thought my makeup was STUNNING! I thought surely it can’t get better then this! I was sooooo wrong!”…read more.

Krystal & Damon’s engagement and wedding have been published in MunaLuchi Bride.
A multicultural wedding magazine.

Photographer, Teshorn Jackson’s first dance photo was featured on the Rangefinder Magazine blog as the “Photo of the day“.

Amy’s Wedding Beauty Journey

Amy’s Wedding Beauty Journey

Houston Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist | Amy’s Wedding Beauty Journey

How we met

Amy and I met at the wedding venue that she chose to get married at, 5226 Elm at a bridal open house. I remember this tall gorgeous gal and her fiancé coming up to my table with this bubbly personality. We talked minor details about her wedding and then we talked about hair and makeup. She originally told me that her long time hairstylist would be doing her hair so all she needed me for was makeup services for her and her party. I remember giving her some pricing information and telling her a bit about me and my company. 

As we were discussing beauty options and prices, she mentioned something about wanting to incorporate gold leaf in to her wedding hairstyle which intrigued me. When she showed me the inspiration photo I bout died! I immediately got chills because I very rarely get brides that think outside the box with wedding beauty ideas. I remember immediately telling her that I would do her hair for free just because I had to be a part of this different style. She laughed as I knew she would and reminded me that her hairstylist would be doing it. After chatting about a few other details she left with my card and pricing guide.

 Months later Amy reached out to me to book my services. Once she booked their makeup services, she came back and added hair services for bridal party. Once she booked those services, she came back with THE BIG ONE! She asked me to do her hair for her wedding. I was elated and definitely kept my word by not charging her for the service. It would be at her salon trial when she cried after I finished her hair that would solidify the entire purpose of us meeting. It was in that moment that I knew we were meant to meet at that open house that day.

The Wedding Day

Amy was calm on her wedding day. Other than her tearing up while writing her vows, she was fine and easy to work with. Everyone was on time and super friendly to work with. I love the fact that her bridal party was so diverse. I mean they came from different cities, states and we even had a rocket scientist in our midst (how cool is that)!

Her hair: Since I had already had an idea of what she wanted (from the picture she provided) the wedding day hair executions was seamless. I applied gold leaf to her hair in a headband pattern. She wasn’t going to wear a veil or any other pieces in her hair so this gold leaf was the star of that show.

Her makeup: Amy is not one to wear makeup often so she didn’t want anything to heavy or drastic. She has beeeeeautiful skin so I made sure to accentuate her facial features and play up her eyes just a bit using neutral tones. Of coarse she wore lashes because that was not an option…although she was on the fence about them. 

For the wedding party: Our bride was not one that was overly concerned about hair and makeup for her friends so they each gave us their wish list and we went from there. Some wore their hair up and some down but all looked beautiful. 

The Details

Venue: 5226 Elm 
Brides Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Photographer: 905 East Studios

What did Amy say?

“Nyoka is just a gem, and her team is fun and professional. I requested a very unique hairstyle (gold foil placed throughout a pixie cut), and she nailed it. My bridesmaids loved their looks, and she kept us laughing and at ease the whole day.”

Caitlyn’s Medieval Mystical Wedding

Caitlyn’s Medieval Mystical Wedding

Houston Hair & Makeup Artist | Caitlin’s Medieval-Mystical Wedding Beauty Journey | The Parador

How we met

Caitlyn and I met through her wedding planner. Claudia and I have worked together on quite a few projects and I’m always honored when she sends a client my way. When I met Caitlyn, her smile walked through the door before she did. She had beautiful blonde hair and full brows with gorgeous skin. She was definitely a beauty.

Our initial meeting was at my studio for her hair and makeup trial which went really well. She was going to take engagement pictures that evening and needed her “do” done as well as her makeup. I remember asking about her fiancé  and how hey met which she tole me. She also told me about how they have  a love for medieval games and shows.That was a language I didn’t speak but could easily catch on to from my dear bride as she explained things. At the end of the consultation she looked fabulous and the rest is history!


The wedding day

 On her wedding day Caitlyn was completely calm, cool and collected. She had that beautiful smile on her face as usual as she walked around in her bridal robe and talked to her mom and bridal party.

Her hair: Caitlyn chose an updo which I pulled away from her face allowing her bang to lightly sweep down before going back into the tousle-pinned curls. She had a beaded headpiece that I weaved through her hair and secured on top.

Her makeup: She chose an airbrush makeup and a light and airy look for the big day not holding back on her bold lashes and a classic red lip to accentuate the look. 

For the wedding party: Caitlyn allowed her bridal party to choose their hair and makeup styles. I think this was the first wedding we’d worked that had a set of twins so that was fun. Everyone pretty much wanted a natural look including the moms and we were happy to oblige.

I must say that Caitlyn’s mom was one of the best mothers of the bride we have ever worked with. She had snacks for everyone, she helped us set up and even offered to help take our equipment down to our cars. She was such a pleasant person to work with and very kind. 

The details

Venue: The Parador
Wedding Planner: A Day To Remember
Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Flowers & Lounge Furniture: Johanna Terry Events
Photographer: Daniel Colvin Photography
Cake: Edible Designs by Jessie
Linens: Lavish Linens of Houston
DJ, Photo Booth & Lighting: Bradley David Entertainment 
Invitations: A Day to Remember
Reception Band: Grupo Kache
Catering: Churrasco’s 
Bar Service: Capitol Beverage Service 
Dessert Bar: All The Crave Cheesecakes
Coffee Bar: Boomtown Coffee
Guest Favors: Macaron by Patisse
Cinematographer: Pixel Studios Productions 

My Other Beautiful Brides

Danielle’s Hawaiian Wedding Journey

Danielle’s Hawaiian Wedding Journey

Hawaii Destination Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist | Danielle’s Hawaiian Wedding Beauty Journey

How we met

Danielle and I met when her family relocated to Houston from Florida. Her dad was going to be a Newscaster for one of our local news stations. I remember her mom telling me that they had been to several salons trying to find a family stylist but had no luck. I then remember telling her “this will be your last stop”. I ended up doing their hair for about 10+ years. I got to watch Danielle and her sister grow up over the years and then one day got asked to do hair and makeup for her wedding. She told me she was having a destination wedding and didn’t really trust someone in somewhat foreign territory to be responsible for her wedding day beauty. I had known the family for years by then so I was definitely honored that they trusted me for such a job. 


The Wedding Day

Let me just say that Hawaii is one of my favorite places to visit. I had been before Danielle’s wedding so I was excited to go back. The water is cool and clear. The sand is warm and tan and the beaches are absolutely beautiful. Her room overlooked the aqua and blue water for miles in both directions and it was simply breathtaking. Danielle was pretty chill on the day of the wedding. We had already done a run through of how her hair would be on the big day here in Houston so there was no pressure. What we didn’t take in to consideration was the higher humidity levels. Danielle had decided to go natural a little while before the wedding so her hair was still transitioning. 

Her hair: Since she was now natural, we decided on an updo. I flat ironed her hair, curled it and then rolled her hair on bendable sponge roller that I had gotten from the UK just for her wedding. I needed to leave in the rollers until the very last minute because the humidity was super high. On one side of her head I did a large braid leaving room for a curly cascade of curls on the other side. The wedding and reception was outside near the beach so I was also taking this into consideration as well with the style.

Her makeup: Danielle wanted to look natural. She wasn’t in to heavy makeup nor did she want to look over done. I brought my airbrush machine to use because I knew she would be outside all day and I needed to feel confident that her look would last with minimal touch ups.

For the wedding party: She was not picky with the bridal party look so everyone wore their hair down and their makeup was done in neutral tones.

The Details
Danielle and Mike’s wedding was beautiful. The weather was perfect and pleasant. Because the wedding location was not in the city of Oahu, The couple had guests bussed in to the private location. The wedding ceremony overlooked the beach and the reception was open yet tented for shade. 

Wedding Location: Lanikuhonua Beach, Kapolei, Hawaii
Bridal Party Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty